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Our "Acceptable Use Policy" template contrasts activities that are considered acceptable (appropriate, permitted) from the organisation's information risk, security and business perspective, against those that are unacceptable (inappropriate, forbidden).


Topics covered:

  1. IT in general - an introduction
  2. BYOD - Bring Your Own Device, using your own ICT equipment for work purposes
  3. Cloud - distinguishing corporate (private) from public (free or paid) cloud services
  4. Internet - a risky global playground, particularly for the more naive among us
  5. Electronic messaging - email and various other comms/messaging services
  6. Social media - a 'dual-use' technology with pros and cons for the business
  7. IP - protecting valuable Intellectual Property belonging to the organisation or others
  8. Personal information - privacy in a nutshell
  9. Knowledge - protecting and exploiting the intangible information in workers' heads
  10. IoT - those litttle Internet of Things devices creeping up on us all
  11. AI - Artificial Intelligence systems and services combining potential with risk
  12. Sharing and collaborating - working with colleagues and contacts towards common goals
  13. Responsibilities - including compliance, conformity and accountability


This is a lightweight policy, just 7 pages with about half a page per topic.  The actionable checklist format covers a lot of ground quickly, making this ideal for general circulation and security awareness purposes, perhaps a handout for employee orientation, a periodic reminder or an opportune prompt following incidents and near-misses. Seize the moment!


The relatively informal, engaging style is easier on the eye than typical policies. It reads more like a guideline in fact.  Small companies, in particular, appreciate the lighter touch and lack of jargon, while AUPs complement traditional policies for organisations of all sizes. We find that workers who 'resent being told what to do' or 'don't have the time for this stuff' often respond positively to the gentler approach.  However, the responsibilities section leaves no doubt that the organisation takes 'this stuff' seriously and means business.


Supplied as an MS Word document, 'camera-ready' yet readily customised for your particular situation.

Acceptable Use Policy AUP template - DESKTOP EDITION

  • An Acceptable Use Policy/guideline template, designed for use on desktop, laptop and tablet screens, or for printing out.

    See also the mobile edition for smartphones.

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