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A discounted bulk pack of Acceptable Use Policy templates:

  1.  BYOD AUP
  2.  Cloud AUP
  3.  Internet AUP
  4.  IoT AUP
  5.  IP AUP
  6.  IT AUP
  7.  Knowledge AUP
  8.  Personal information AUP

... plus an executive briefing paper about Acceptable Use Policies and Codes of Conduct.


These are lightweight policies, just a page each in a much more informal, engaging style than most information security policies - more like guidelines in fact.  Small companies, in particular, appreciate the lighter touch, while larger organisations find that AUPs complement the lengthier 'thou shalt not' style typical of corporate policies. Workers who resent being bossed around, or who 'don't have the time to read all that stuff' often respond positively to the gentler, more succinct approach ... and at the end of the day, so long as the organisation's information risk and security objectives are achieved, does it really matter how?

AUP Acceptable Use Policy templates (package deal)

$160.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
  • A set of eight Acceptable Use Policy templates