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About us

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IsecT Limited (security in IT) is an independent freelance consultancy, specialising in information risk and security management. 

We have a keen interest in the human aspects as much as the technology, with a strongly pragmatic business perspective.  


We help you protect and exploit information, enabling your business do things that would otherwise be too risky.

We add value in areas such as:

  • Information, IT and cyber risk and security management in general

  • Preparing security strategies and plans plus business cases, project proposals and budgets
  • Writing and customising security policies, procedures and technical documentation
  • Security metrics - figure out what to measure, how, when and why
  • Security awareness and training - creative, motivational content, briefings for executives and directors, awareness programme planning and rejuvination

  • Designing and implementing ISO27k Information Security Management Systems

  • Governance arrangements - corporate structures, reporting lines, accountabilities, roles and responsibilities 

  • Assurance - IT and ISMS internal audits, management reviews, gap analyses and supplier assessments

  • Benchmarking and maturity scoring of your information risk and security 

  • Interim management of information risk and security, cybersecurity or IT audit teams temporarily short of a leader

  • Mentoring/coaching for CISOs, on-demand support and guidance.

From our base in rural New Zealand, we serve organisations worldwide, of all sizes and industry sectors.  We have supplied government and commercial customers, not-for-profits and charities, consultancies and professional services companies, cloud-based and bricks-and-mortar businesses, greenfield start-ups and mature multinationals.  We have worked with utilities, banks & financial services, defence, manufacturing and hi-tech companies. 

SecAware builds on our experience and expertise.  We know the subject inside out. It's our passion.

Read more about IsecT CEO Gary Hinson on LinkeDin.  Gary has been in the security and audit trenches since the 1980's, consulting since the start of the millennium.  

Track the SecAware blog to see what has caught our beady eyes lately. Join the ISO27k Forum at for frequent updates on the standards plus free advice and content from the active global community of 5,000 professionals. 

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