About us

IsecT Limited (security in IT) is an independent consultancy based in New Zealand,

specializing in information risk and security management. 

We have a particular interest in the people aspects - human factors fascinate us

at least as much as the technology, and we are strongly biased towards business.

We've been delivering fresh batches of outstanding, top quality,  innovative

security awareness content to a discerning clientele every month since 2003.

Our core competences include:

  • Information risk management - identifying, evaluating and treating
    risks to information;

  • Information security management - specifying, designing, planning, implementing and maintaining Information Security Management Systems, building and leading information security functions, directing and rejuvenating teams, building internal and external relationships;
  • Security strategy - helping clients figure out how information security, cybersecurity, privacy and so on both support and enable the business - more than just compliance (and that too!);
  • Information security awareness (naturally!) on a huge range of topics, plus custom awareness materials, courses, briefings and seminars for individual clients e.g. board and C-suite presentations;

  • ISO27k - planning and implementing the ISO/IEC 27000-series information security standards, conducting gap analyses and internal audits;

  • Privacy including GDPR, policy development, privacy audits and more;

  • Cybersecurity management - motivating, directing and overseeing teams of specialists busy with the more technical aspects of Internet and IT security;

  • GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance, clarifying and documenting roles and responsibilities, reporting lines, strategies and policies etc.;

  • Training in information risk and security, IT auditing, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor & Lead Implementer, CISSP, CISM, CISA, other professional qualifications and custom in-house courses;

  • Security metrics - measuring and monitoring in order to make better decisions and drive improvements;

  • IT auditing - installation audits, software development project audits, network/system security audits, privacy audits, fraud other special investigations etc. plus building and leading IT audit functions, developing audit programs, motivating and guiding teams;

  • Interim management of information risk, security, audit and related departments/functions/teams;

  • Project management - leading teams, planning, budgeting, coordinating, motivating, achieving, reviewing ...

Our customers are worldwide, ranging from small to large across all industry sectors.  

SecAware builds on our experience and expertise.  We know the subject inside out.  It's our passion.

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