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This awareness and training module primarily concerns information risks, incidents and security controls associated with the World Wide Web, touching on related aspects such as email and application services, cloud computing, online/electronic business and the Internet of Things.


Internet-related information risks include:

  • Malware and hacking;
  • Social engineering including propaganda, deceptive manipulation and misinformation;
  • Socio-political changes, activism, anarchy etc. arising from changes in the balance of power brought about by ready access to and manipulation of information;
  • Inaccurate, incomplete, outdated and irrelevant information;
  • ‘Offensive’ materials, with various degrees of offensiveness;
  • Over-reliance, dependence or obsession with the Internet, plus naïve faith;
  • Malicious communications, plotting, inciting and coordination between bad actors;
  • Cyberspace risks relating to virtual worlds, virtual servers, new technologies, IoT etc.;
  • Distributed management and control, with rapid change.


Balancing those are Internet-related opportunities including:

  • Ready access to vast reams of information from around the globe;
  • Benign communications, collaboration, cooperation, coordination, interconnectedness;
  • Cloud computing, information processing that spans traditional organizational boundaries as well as the globe;
  • IoT and cyberspace;
  • Distributed management and control, with rapid development and evolution.


Learning objectives

  • Introduce and explain the challenges and opportunities presented by the Internet;
  • Expand on the associated information risks;
  • Describe and promote the corresponding information security controls;
  • Provide a mixture of information and motivational content, stimulating people to think - and most of all act - more securely.


Think about your learning objectives in relation to Internet security.  What are the key messages and/or business outcomes you seek in this area?  What are the Internet-related information risks your organization faces?  Are there particular Internet security controls in which employee vigilance and behavior plays a vital part?

Internet security awareness

  • From web surfing to eBusiness apps, social media and cloud computing, this awareness and training module covers one of the hottest and most challenging areas of information risk and security.

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