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A comprehensive suite of security awareness and training materials covering a range of essential topics.  The materials are simpler and more superficial than most of our awareness modules - just the basic stuff that pretty much everyone ought to know about information risk and security, privacy and compliance. 


It is primarily intended for use in new employee orientation or induction training - ideally interactive sessions facilitated by a presenter who knows information security quite well but the content is sufficient to brief any presenter (e.g. a volunteer trainer from HR).  You might prefer to make the content available online on your intranet or import it into a Learning Management System, for self-paced learning when newcomers have the chance to explore this.


The same module can also be used to launch or re-launch a security awareness and training program, enabling you to get the entire workforce quickly up to speed on the basics - a starting point or platform on which to build in successive periods.


Learning objectives:

Information Security 101 is designed to:

  • Deliver a grounding in the fundamentals of information risk and security through general background and core concepts;
  • Encourage workers to think and most of all motivate them to behave more securely, acting in the organization’s best interests;
  • Introduce workers to the security awareness program and the Information Security function;
  • Foster the corporate security culture.

Information Security 101 orientation module

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  • Information Security 101 covers commonplace information risks (e.g. malware) and security controls (e.g. antivirus).  The awareness materials are deliberately succinct and high-level: they outline key things without delving into the details.  The module helps Information Security professionals engage with the audience, delivering interesting and useful awareness sessions (e.g. for new employee orientation training) accompanied by impressive, well-polished and professional collateral.