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Although the SecAware policy templates are supplied as ordinary MS Word files that you can edit and change as you wish, you may prefer me to do it for you. 


I can for instance:

  • Simplify the essentials for small businesses;
  • Customise or adapt the content of the existing policies to reflect your information risks and controls, your departments, roles, phrasing or whatever;
  • Elaborate on certain aspects, or conversely shrink down or omit aspects that are not relevant for your organisation;
  • Swap your logo in place of ours and change the layout and formatting (page size, margins, fonts, colours);
  • Prepare supporting procedures, guidelines, awareness and training materials;
  • Prepare diagrams and illustrations, such as process flow charts and mind-maps;
  • Critique and provide constructive feedback (improvement suggestions) on your own information security policies and the like e.g. looking for coverage gaps, conflicts, outdated and badly worded content;
  • Make changes and prepare new content in the same style as the existing materials (yours or ours), blending-in seamlessly;
  • Collaborate with, support and encourage you to develop your skills to write policies, reports, presentations, procedures, briefings and other technical materials (training or mentoring).


The price shown above is my hourly charging rate in US dollars. 


Please Google me or look me up on Linkedin and get in touch for further details including my availability.  What are you planning to achieve?  How can I best help? Would you like me to estimate the hours needed and hence the cost?  Let's talk!  Please get in touch.

Policy customisation

  • " Looks clear and easy to understand Gary. " [thanks Cushla]

    " Clear and logical to me" [thanks Michala]

    "Very good summary" [thanks Yannick]

    ... just a tiny selection of feedback comments received recently.  There is plenty more evidence of my technical writing skills online.