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~3-page information security policy template on cybertage (cyber sabotage).


In common with many other insider threats and fraudsters, cyberteurs exploit weaknesses and gaps in information security arrangements.  Aside from reinforcing the value of general information security controls, this unconventional policy requires some additional controls to address cybertage specifically, including ‘zero tolerance’.  Cyberteurs who attempt to compromise the organization can expect a robust response from management.


By the way, this is an issue worth exploring throughout your supply network, particularly for critical infrastructure supplies such as power, transport, telecomms and Internet/cloud services.  COVID has ably demonstrated the chaos caused by generalised disruption: imagine how things might have turned out for your organisation if its supply chain was actively and specifically targeted for some reason ... scary stuff!


Delivered as an editable MS Word document, easily customized for your organization's specific needs.

Cybertage (cyber sabotage) policy