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~2¼-page information security policy template on ethics.


This succinct policy promotes a culture of openness, fairness and honesty in the organisation’s business practices.  It requires workers to behave ethically (elaborating on that) and disclose potentially unethical practices.


Maintaining the highest ethical standards fosters trust, strengthens the organizational reputation and helps ensure its long-term success.  As a general-purpose control, a clear corporate policy on ethics is undervalued. Sure, ethics is a personal issue, subjective, soft and hard to describe ... so here's a professionally-crafted policy template demonstrating how to do it.


Policies such as this are worthless if management, in particular, openly disregards them - in other words, managers must lead by example, upholding and demonstrating high ethical standards to cultivate an ethical corporate culture.


Supplied as an MS Word document, readily customised for your organisation's specific situation.

Ethics policy

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