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~3-page information security policy template on industrial IT, also known as Operational Technology.


This policy elaborates on the cybersecurity requirements for industrial IT/OT systems. networks and devices - robotics, computer numerically controlled machines, smart controllers and actuators etc.


Given our dependence on IT/OT for operational, health and safety, and environmental protection reasons, information security is vital consideration for industrial IT/OT systems monitoring and controlling various items of plant and machinery.


Traditionally, industrial IT/OT has largely been the domain of Production/Operations Management, Engineering, Facilities etc., whereas IT Department handles corporate IT systems, networks, office automation etc.  IT or cybersecurity functions that are deeply embedded within the IT Department may have little to no involvement with industrial IT/OT, potentially opening a substantial control gap.  This policy template builds a bridge. 


Supplied as an MS Word document, readily customised for your organisation's specific situation.

Industrial IT / OT security policy

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