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~3-page website privacy policy template.


While the SecAware privacy compliance policy is a typical internal corporate security policy template giving clear direction to workers, this privacy policy is aimed at individuals whose personal information the organisation uses.  Typically that means customers and prospective customers, as well as supplier and partner contacts, plus employees.   Organisations normally post this kind of privacy policy on their public websites. 


The template is written in the first person, as if the organisation was speaking directly to an individual e.g. "We collect your personal information when you ...."  It refers to personal information rather than personal data since it applies to forms, printouts, notes and other paperwork as well as digital data on computer systems.


Given the compliance implications, this generic policy template must be customised and approved by competent specialist advisors familiar with the particular laws and regulations applicable to your organisation.  This is a generic template, not legal advice.


Supplied as an MS Word document.

Privacy policy for website

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