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ISMS Launchpad is a starter kit supporting the launch of a basic Information Security Management System. 


It is a set of templates for the essential (mandatory) documentation - the ISMS scope, RTP, SoA, information security policy and the rest. These are straightforward generic templates (Microsoft Office files) covering just the bare essentials, the documentation that is formally required for ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, nothing more. 


What else will you need?  Well, that's down to you.  We recommend a modest start, designing and implementing a lightweight, limited but certifiable ISMS that is easier to operate and maintain, with lower overheads and costs than a more complex approach. 


Your ISMS will generate records (documentary evidence) that the certification auditors will check to confirm that the ISMS is, in fact, operating correctly, as specified by ISO/IEC 27001 and as designed and implemented by you.


The ISMS itself will systematically identify, drive through and manage improvements, as well as responding to other changes.  Gradually as the ISMS matures, it will be supplemented with additional functionality, security controls and management controls. To fast-track the maturity process, check out SecAware Take-off (for management), Orbit (for specialists and professionals) and Mission (for everyone, the complete heavily-discounted package). 


With the entire mission in mind, the launchpad is not quite so daunting.

ISO27k ISMS Launchpad

  • These are unlocked, customer-editable MS Office files, supplied in a 22 Mb ZIP archive. 

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