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“Launchpad” is a starter kit supporting the launch of an Information Security Management System.  It is a full suite of templates for the mandatory documentation required for certified compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 - the ISMS scope, SoA, RTP, information security policy and the rest.


These are straightforward generic templates (Microsoft Office files - Word mostly) designed to lead you smartly through the staring-blankly-at-a-page phase. 


How much customisation is required?  That's down to you.  We suggest making a modest start, designing and implementing a lightweight, limited but compliant ISMS that is easier to operate and maintain, with lower overheads and costs than a more complex approach.  Once it is operating effectively, the ISMS itself will identify, drive through and manage improvements, as well as responding to other changes.  Gradually it will mature in line with your organisation.


Your ISMS will be used to select and manage information security controls that best address the organisation's information risks: you will doubtless require further documentation for whichever controls you select - so check out Take-off and Orbit as well. 

ISO27k ISMS Launchpad

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  • These are unlocked, fully customisable MS Office files, supplied in a 23 Mb ZIP archive.