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"Orbit" is a further substantial bundle of documentation supporting the establishment of an ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System. 


These are generic templates (Microsoft Office files) for various discretionary or optional materials, supplementing and extending Launchpad which provides the bare minimum mandatory documentation absolutely required for strict compliance with the standard, and Take-off, a package of additional materials specifically designed for managers.


The Orbit materials are primarily aimed at the professionals/specialists responsible for operating the ISMS and the associated information security controls. 


You may not need or want all of these items, and you certainly need others as well, but these will get you past the stage of staring at a blank page, scratching your head, wondering where to start.


These are customer-editable materials.  We urge you to customise the SecAware templates to suit your specific circumstances and needs – your organisation, its business context, relevant internal and external issues etc.  Make them “yours”. 


Aside from basic typographical changes such as the language, logo, font and font size, page size and layout, feel free to adapt the writing style, terminology and emphasis to reflect your corporate norms.  Cite the relevant contact people, departments, policies and procedures and be sure to reflect all applicable legal, regulatory, contractual or other obligations.

ISO27k ISMS Orbit


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